Awakening the Depth of Women’s Brilliance

If a teen girl you know is looking for therapy, I’ve got just the services she needs to have a thriving adolescent experience. To learn how to best support a teen girl during this important and challenging life stage, take a look at the services below and then contact me to schedule an initial conversation about getting started.

Colorful-Socks-Girl-300x200All too often, the confident, spunky and strong-willed girls we are familiar with throughout their childhood, enter into adolescence and become disconnected from themselves and are catapulted into a confusing maze of academic pressure, a technology driven world and an increasing social demand. Some teen girls are able to adapt to the new pressures in stride, while others become increasingly burdened and start to demonstrate signs of distress.


As a parent, you may start to notice your daughter:

    • Entering into increasing conflict with you or other family members
    • Making increasingly risky choices around sexual behavior
    • Developing unhealthy food behaviors including binging and/or under-eating
    • Using alcohol, marijuana or other drugs
    • Becoming more socially isolated and emotionally withdrawn
    • Behaving in ways that are uncharacteristic or drastically different

After almost a decade of working closely with adolescent girls, I have found the greatest key to their success:


When a young woman has the skills, tools and resources to know herself, feel connected to her body, be aware of her emotions and to take time for herself, she invariably makes more responsible decisions, communicates more effectively with both parents and peers and has greater success in her academic and extra-curricular pursuits.

This all sounds wonderful, and yet it is definitely easier said than done…

This is where I come in. By working one-on-one with your daughter I have the opportunity to assess and discover where she is at, what is underlying her behavior choices and what stands in the way of her and thriving.

I am innately caring, compassionate and respectful regardless of where your daughter is at in her life. I am also direct and willing to speak the truth, particularly when the stakes are high and other people are having a hard time getting through to your daughter.

Are you ready to stop struggling on your own and reach out for support for both you and your daughter? If so, I would love to connect with your teen girl and start the process of teaching her the skills necessary to stay connected to herself and thrive in this increasingly complex and challenging world.

Please contact me here to schedule a free consultation about your daughter and we will discuss how to best support her.