Awakening the Depth of Women’s Brilliance

Hannah Williams, New York, NY

Online Business Strategist and Coach

“Emma’s support is absolutely indispensable, invaluable, and transformative for me. Her approach is so gentle and loving, and yet she has an ability to cut through all of the “fluff” with her crystal clear insight. I’m equally impressed with her depth of knowledge and the un-trainable intuitive gifts she brings to the table. I always leave Emma’s presence feeling like a deeper, truer version of myself. Thank you, Emma!”

Marc David, Boulder, CO

Author and Founder of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating, Boulder, CO

“Emma brings a genuine heartfelt caring to her work. She has an effortless way of enveloping the people she serves with a special warmth and compassion. Her depth, insightfulness and wisdom are all delivered in a gentle yet firm style, and her commitment to healing and transformation shines beautifully and brightly. Emma has a special connection and talent when it comes to mentoring young women, and for women of any age group she brings a wonderful skill-set for working with concerns around eating, food, body and weight. If you have the opportunity and inspiration to work with her, please consider yourself very fortunate. I recommend her work most highly.”

Sarah Adlerstein, Boulder, CO

Naturopathic Doctor, Licensed Acupuncturist & Mother

“I give my highest praises for Emma.  I have found working with her to be such a joy as she has such grace, integrity and a rare authentic presence.  She is truly gifted with insight and clarity and is full of passion and dedication to those she works with.   It’s a pleasure to be in her presence and a gift to receive her insights and knowledge.”

Laura Burkett Holstine, Grand Rapids, MI

Holistic Health & Nutrition Counselor

“Emma is truly a gift in the healing and counseling community.  The insight and wisdom she carries is profound.  In what seems effortless, Emma understands, creates space for, and honors the journey and stages throughout one’s lifetime.  It has been an honor to connect with Emma and a privilege for anyone seeking her guidance to have her on their side.”

Naomi Ehrich, Santa Cruz, CA

Spiritual Counselor and Astrologer

“Bright, meticulous, heart-centered, impeccable and grounded, Emma is a pioneer on this planet who knows how to live in a good, true and sustainable way.  She has the capacity to bridge the ordinary with the extraordinary, and to hold space for some of the deepest healing needed on this planet.”

Elena Giulini, Lafayette, CO

Licensed Acupuncturist and Somatic Therapist

“My experience of Emma has been mainly in a group setting, and I have been repeatedly impressed by her unfailing ability to hold complex and deep emotional processes, reflecting back essential truths and responding to each individual situation with great care and wisdom beyond her years! Emma has the rare and amazing ability to follow the body and psyche on its journey to greater health, thus leading the individual to a more evolved level of being.  Her presence is impeccable and her compassion shines through everything she does.  If I were to look for a mentor for my teenage daughter, Emma would definitely be my first choice!”

Osha Waters, Boulder, CO

Mama, Priestess & Effusive Love Purveyor

“Emma is a big, beautiful open heart.  The way she holds space for people’s unfolding is astounding. Serving as witness, guide, and healer, Emma empowers herself and those around her to reach greater truth, light and wisdom.  Weaving her intuition, skills and enormous capacity to align with peoples’ emotional bodies, Emma provides roots, solid ground and a sense of trust that facilitates vulnerability and awareness.

Kerrie Martin, Washington, D.C.

Health Coach

“One of Emma’s tremendous gifts to those around her is her spirit-filled presence which in and of itself is healing!  She displays a genuine and deep consideration for others’ needs and is a masterful listener.  When I’m in conversation with Emma it feels like she’s shining a light on my heart and soul and I have the experience of being understood, uplifted, and deeply nourished.”

Kellie Brooks, Opelika, Alabama

Founder at Hospitality Touchstone

“Emma’s commitment to you bursts forth as she brilliantly creates the conditions – of both sacredness and earthliness – to let go into your beautiful, wild self. Until we reconnect with that divine part of us, we cannot truly carry out our mission. She is the bridge from where you are to who you know yourself to be.”

Carly Weiner Woodcliff Lake, NJ

Young Adult Professional


“I went through an extremely dark period in my life where I felt I was never going to be free of my anxious mind or experience happiness.  I felt the feeling of happiness was stripped away from me and it was extremely hard for me to be around my friends and family, for I felt disconnected from their smiles and laughter.  After speaking with Emma, we were able to discuss deep and intimate topics, that I, personally, could never talk about with anyone else before.  Talking about my feelings not only made me confront and face my fears, but take steps in the right direction in order to feel more fulfilled and content with my current life situation.  Talks with Emma led me to not only believe, but also feel the power within me to help myself in times of need, as well as trust my own intuition as to what is right for me.  I am extremely thankful to have had Emma by my side through my (at the time) scary, confusing, and intimidating place in life.”

Blessing Ball, DeLand, Florida

Wife, Mother of 2 boys, Part-time Montessori Teacher

“As a collective, we pay a high price for our unexamined and mistaken identities. As a parent, this is one hereditary trait I do NOT want to pass on. Feeling dispirited and ineffective as a mother, wife, daughter, sister, aunt, and friend,  I sought-out answers for more connection, balance, and clarity. What I’ve received is so much more. Emma gracefully and gently guided me back inward, provided a deeper inquiry of my “roles”, all while re-introducing me to myself. Her gift for merging mind, body, and spirit is transformative with the power to awaken (one’s essential being.) Emma’s support, empathy, and honest reflection is invaluable. Her powerful and radiant presence shines through individuals, positively impacting the communities and families she so graciously serves.”

“Important encounters are planned by the souls long before the bodies see each other.” ~Paulo Coelho

Sheila Dorsey, Palmetto Bay, FL

Wife, Mother of 3 & Administrator

“Your life is your message to the world make sure it’s inspiring” ~Healing Energy

“Emma, I saw the above quote and you were my first thought, you are inspiring! I so appreciate the work you have done with me. Our call is one of the highlights of my week.

They say that things happen for a reason and I agree with that
statement. It was divinity not accident that I came across your information. From our first call through our most recent one, you have been a guiding light for my new path. From thought provoking calls to calming guided/healing meditation you have been there.

I appreciate you, our work together and I appreciate your calm reassuring voice. You have made a major impact on how I look at things, how I can heal from the inside out!

Emma is the person you want working with you. She is exactly what everyone should strive to become. Consider your work with her an investment, opportunity, blessing and time well spent.”

Shannon Hoppenstedt, Los Angeles, CA

Reiki Practitioner, Psychotherapist, Yoga Teacher, Nurse

“From smallness and trepidation I came to you on humbled knees. You took my hand, and gently began swaying with me to find my rhythm. I swayed too fast and you held on, tracking my movement, so I would not fall. You lit the candle of your far away home and sent the light to mine, in my heart. The process rocked me, shook my inner house, wood beams fell to the floor. But you held the hammer and the new wood, offering it to me… helping me hold it in place to build a new frame. You held the flashlight as I stumbled in the darkness, afraid. You held up the mirror to me so I could see myself more clearly. From fear to success, my home was rebuilt. Together we planted rose bushes in the front yard, inviting those to come in and meet me with my gifts. Your support, faith, love, and knowledge exceed the price tag. Together in Goddess love the world is a better place from you and your work helping me to find my work.”

Tiffany Smith, Japan

ESL Teacher

“I am forever grateful for having connected with Emma. I came to her yearning to have more agency in my life and to understand whatever it was that held me back. Her kind, open-hearted presence provided a loving space for insight, healing, and inner growth to take place. Emma helped me get to the heart and the truth of the matter by carefully tuning into my body and becoming sensitive to the language of my body. I was able to open up and talk about my vulnerabilities with a raw honesty that I hadn’t done before. During this soul work, I gained clarity on past events that had deeply impacted me and made peace with them. Working with Emma helped me embrace my inner journey with grace, love, understanding, wisdom, and compassion.”

Conni Biesalski, Bali, Germany, Los Angeles & The World

Creative Entrepreneur, Blogger & YouTuber

“Emma has been an indispensable support for me throughout the last 1.5-2 years. She has given me so much understanding, genuine care and love. She holds space for me so beautifully and never ever judges me. I’ve always felt really safe with her and have been able to work on some intense deep inner blocks, old trauma and limiting beliefs. The sessions with her have provided me with a lot of healing and insights, for which I am eternally grateful.”

Kelly Anderson, Canada

MD, mother and writer

“I’ve worked with Emma during some of the most challenging periods of my life – recovering from the trauma of medical school and residency training, becoming a mother to two sensitive boys, then caring for my husband during a brain injury. One of the most magical things about her is her ability to call in and listen to the divine, to deliver messages when they are most poignant and needed. With her support and encouragement, my family made a huge evolution: we slowed down, listened, and then moved across the country into a different life that helped all of us heal together. I’ve been supported to listen to my most important soul callings because of the time carved out with her, away from my medical practice. She has really helped me align my life – and continues to help! I recommend her often and without hesitation to women looking for deeper connection to themselves.”

Sammy Sass, Massachusetts


“When I first started working with Emma I was in the midst of figuring out who I was and who I wanted to choose to become in the world. Emma encouraged me to create a life that I actually wanted for myself. And she did that with her mixture of calm presence, and insightful challenge. This was the type of support I needed – it helped me unlearn some ingrained sense of obligation and duty.

At first, I was afraid to commit to coaching because I wasn’t sure if I had the financial capacity to invest in myself in that way, but once I made the decision, the financial concern wasn’t even relevant any more.

The qualities I have seen in Emma, I have loved in part because they helped me to love myself more fully. She is a present person; she listens to what I say, which sounds so simple, but it is deeply not, as you know.”

Athena Pallis

Integral Master Coach, Social Entrepreneur

I first contacted Emma in response to a vague feeling I had that it was time to attend to something that had been hiding.

It had been a long time since I’d been in therapy; I’d engaged quite a bit of development work in the intervening years. I was focused on “work in the world” stuff, creating a couple of businesses, and thought that the work I’d do with Emma would free up whatever small thing (!) seemed to be in my way.

I had no idea how much I needed Emma! I’d thought it was “some small thing” and it turned out that there were several vital things that I’d never worked through.

I received such unexpected outcomes from our work together. The life that I longed for, but wasn’t living, became available to me and alive as a result of exposing the things that were holding me back. Through our work together I felt like I learned how to finally be and feel more of myself.

I had longed to have my inner world match my outer reality. Working with Emma I learned how to create my life to be in greater integrity with my values and my dreams.

I also feel much more present in conversations with family and friends. Before our work together, I wouldn’t have even thought of myself as someone that wasn’t fully present, but then I realized that I could be more present.

There were several very significant moments in my work with Emma that were powerful turns of the wheel in my life. I was surprised that I needed to address certain things from so long ago in my past, but once I did, I got so much of myself back.

From the very first time I met Emma, I felt so much love coming from her – not in some gushy saccharine sort of way, but as from a deep wellspring. In all of our conversations I felt a sense of trust; I could feel the depth of her caring. That caring has been very sweet and significant to me throughout our work together.

Within seconds after we started talking, I knew that I was going to work with Emma. I didn’t have to weigh the decision or wonder. I remember thinking to myself, “I don’t care what this costs, Athena, we’re doing it!” I had the deep and certain sense that this was exactly what I needed.

Before our first session, I remember wondering how it would be to do this type of work over the phone, it felt like a big unknown to me, and yet once we started I felt completely held, cared for and safe. Emma’s presence created a place where I could be completely myself – open, vulnerable and exploratory.

One thing that always amazed me was how present Emma was able to be over the phone. I was stunned again and again at the level of somatic work that she was able to help me navigate without being with me in the flesh. Her level of skill is really quite remarkable!

I’ve worked with quite a few people, and have studied with many teachers. There’s often a point along the way at which I have some form of doubt arise. With Emma I always felt extreme confidence; my small bit of innate skepticism found no place to land with her.