What it is:

Coaching is a potent and effective method to facilitate your growth, development and evolution.

It is a targeted approach to help you fulfill your goals, whether those goals are internal (how you want to think, feel and perceive) or external (how you want to behave, engage and create).

How I work:

As a powerful and dedicated coach, my role is to guide, advise and cheerlead you into the next best iteration of yourself.

I am here to illuminate what you cannot yet fully see–both the full extent of your brilliance and the things that hold you back from getting what you want.

I will ask questions, listen deeply, hold you accountable and challenge you to uncover the next steps on your path.
Together we will identify exactly what you want, why you want it and how to get there.

We will assess what is currently standing in the way of what you say you want and strategically reorganize your life from the inside → out so that getting what you want is the most probable outcome.


I was longing to have my inner world match my outer reality.

Working with Emma I learned how to create my life to be in greater integrity with my values and my dreams.

I feel much more present in conversations with family and friends. Before our work together, I wouldn’t have even thought of myself as someone that wasn’t fully present, but then I realized that I could be more present.

I received such unexpected outcomes from our work together. The life that I longed for, but wasn’t living, became available to me as a result of exposing the things that were holding me back. Through our work together I felt like I learned how to finally be and feel more of myself.

I’ve worked with quite a few people, and have studied with many teachers. There’s often a point along the way at which I have some form of doubt arise. With Emma I always felt extreme confidence; my small bit of innate skepticism found no place to land with her.

Athena Pallis
Coach, Social Entrepreneur & Mother
Missoula, Montana

I’ve worked with Emma during some of the most challenging periods of my life –

recovering from the trauma of medical school and residency training, becoming a mother to two sensitive boys, then caring for my husband during a brain injury.

One of the most magical things about her is her ability to call in and listen to the divine, to deliver messages when they are most poignant and needed. With her support and encouragement, my family made a huge evolution: we slowed down, listened, and then moved across the country into a different life that helped all of us heal together.

I’ve been supported to listen to my most important soul callings because of the time carved out with her, away from my medical practice. She has really helped me align my life – and continues to help! I recommend her often and without hesitation to women looking for deeper connection to themselves.

Kelly Anderson
Physician, Assistant Professor, Writer & Mother
Ontario, Canada

Emma is a big, beautiful, open heart.

The way she holds space for people’s unfolding is astounding. Serving as witness, guide, and healer, Emma empowers herself and those around her to reach greater truth, light and wisdom. Weaving her intuition, skills and enormous capacity to align with peoples’ emotional bodies, Emma provides roots, solid ground and a sense of trust that facilitates vulnerability and awareness.

Osha Waters
Writer & Mother
Boulder, Colorado

I am forever grateful for having connected with Emma.

I came to her yearning to have more agency in my life and to understand whatever it was that held me back. Her kind, open-hearted presence provided a loving space for insight, healing, and inner growth to take place.

Emma helped me get to the heart and the truth of the matter by carefully tuning into my body and becoming sensitive to the language of my body. I was able to open up and talk about my vulnerabilities with a raw honesty that I hadn’t done before. During this soul work, I gained clarity on past events that had deeply affected me and made peace with them. Working with Emma helped me embrace my inner journey with grace, love, understanding, wisdom, and compassion.

Tiffany Smith
ESL Teacher

When I first started working with Emma I was in the midst of figuring out who I was and who I wanted to choose to become in the world.

Emma encouraged me to create a life that I actually wanted for myself. And she did that with her mixture of calm presence, and insightful challenge. This was the type of support I needed – it helped me unlearn some ingrained sense of obligation and duty.

At first, I was afraid to commit to coaching because I wasn’t sure if I had the financial capacity to invest in myself in that way, but once I made the decision, the financial concern wasn’t even relevant any more.
The qualities I have seen in Emma, I have loved in part because they helped me to love myself more fully. She is a present person; she listens to what I say, which sounds so simple, but it is deeply not, as you know.

Sammy Sass
Therapist, Writer & Artist
Boston, Massachusetts

Who It’s For:

Coaching is for individuals and/or couples who are generally healthy and higher functioning in life.

This is for you if you want a combination of new insight and also tangible, practical changes in your life.

You are a good candidate for coaching with me if all or most of these words describe you:

  • Self-aware and on a growth path
  • Excited to learn
  • Ready to make changes
  • Eager to experience more fulfillment in life and willing to do what it takes to get there
  • Ambitious (this could be in work, spirituality, relationships, creativity or any other area of life, but we are likely not a good fit if you aren’t hungry for something in life)
  • Prepared to take responsibility for yourself and your outcomes
  • Open to new ideas, possibilities and systems
  • Honest with yourself and others

An Important


I am a high-integrity, caring coach, and I utilize directive and straightforward approaches to help people experience more of what they want faster.

I am not your “smile and nod” type coach and I am not here only to make you feel “good,” instead I am committed to helping you identify what you want (remember, this can be harder than you realize), remove what stands in the way and flourish beyond your wildest dreams.

Only submit an inquiry if you want a no BS, honest, engaged and fully IN coach on your side.


If this sounds like you, and you’re excited to explore if we’re a good fit,
fill out the form below and I’ll get in touch shortly.

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What is the difference between
Coaching and Psychotherapy?



Where we meet
PsychotherapyOnline via Zoom (at some point there may be an option for in person again).
CoachingOnline via Zoom (at some point there may be an option for in person again).
PsychotherapyYou are free to terminate the
relationship at any time. I ask that you let me know when/if you’d like to terminate so we can do proper closure.
CoachingYou will sign a 3-month contract and then we can always continue working together beyond that if you would like. I ask that you let me know when/if you’d like to terminate so we can do proper closure.
Where you live
PsychotherapyYou must live in the state of
Colorado to be a therapy client.
CoachingYou can live anywhere in the world as long as you have a stable internet connection to work with me.
PsychotherapyFrequency is determined based on the client’s need and my availability (most people choose 1x/week, 2x/month or 1x/month).
CoachingEvery 2 weeks for 3 months and then as determined by the client’s need and my availability.
Length of Session
Psychotherapy60 Minutes
Coaching60 Minutes
Psychotherapy-Somatic Experiencing (™)
Trauma Healing Modality
-Depth psychotherapy
-Body-centered psychotherapy
-Attachment informed therapy
-Client centered
Coaching-Life design and optimization techniques (habits, goals, dreams)
-Deep listening/inquiry
-Behavior change/tracking with accountability
Starting Point
PsychotherapyThe current issues/problems and stressors as well as an in depth interview and assessment of
the past.
CoachingThe present moment and looking forward to where you’d like to go.
Common concerns addressed*
-Existential fears/worries
-Soul development curriculum
-Major life decisions
-Traumatic or difficult experiences from the past

*(please note that most issues excluding suicidality and major mental health issues can be addressed)
-Soul development curriculum
-Life design/optimization

*(please note that most issues excluding suicidality and major mental health issues can be addressed)
PsychotherapyYou will fill out an online personal history questionnaire, demographic, HIPPA and release of information forms.
CoachingYou will fill out an online
questionnaire about your dreams and goals.
PsychotherapyYou will store a credit card on file and be charged after each session.
CoachingYou will store a credit card on file and be charged after each session.