I want you to know that I see you.

I see how hard you’re working, how much you care and how much you long to feel fully expressed and on purpose.

I know that you are a FORCE, and an essential part of a much bigger matrix of incredible women who are rising up and redefining the world as we know it.

But I also know that there is one major issue:

When you are hung up in the ache, the trauma and the difficulty of life, when you are drowning in overwhelm, self-doubt, stress and uncertainty, your capacity to thrive and reach your highest potential is compromised.

This is all too common among women and it is deeply painful. I have known it in myself and I have witnessed it in thousands of women over the course of my career as a psychotherapist and coach.

It is a tragic loss when you feel like your soul cannot fully shine.

But there is GOOD news:

When you make the courageous decision to explore and excavate your mind, you have the potential to break free from whatever is keeping you stuck, unclear and playing small.

You have the opportunity to discover your greatest gifts and to thrive more than you ever knew was possible. 

And this is where I come in.

My life’s work is about supporting women to heal, to grow and to flourish.

When I look back over my life to date, the two most critical thingsthat have helped me to recover my true self and create a life I’m deeply grateful for and fulfilled by are:

  • Healthy Relationships (with self, others & the world)
  • Access to Information (effective psychological tools, practices & frameworks)

For this reason, I am committed to paying it forward and providing both of these to you.

In my lifetime, I am determined to see more women in positions of leadership and power who are confident about who they are, fully expressed and at home in their bodies.

I’m obsessive about what it takes for females to reach their highest potential and to gain greater levels of both internal and

external freedom.

So whenever we connect (whether that is 1:1 or through my writing & teaching) my job is to help guide, inspire and witness you as you do the exciting and rewarding work to return to a sense of wholeness in yourself and to flourish beyond your wildest dreams.

Remember, what you do in the privacy of your own mind is high stakes.

How you navigate the inner life will dictate the extent to which you can feel fully at home in your own skin and whether or not you get the chance to reach your highest potential.

Your inner life impacts your relationships, your career, your finances, your health and your overall experience of Life.

No woman should need to face the complex emotional, psychological and spiritual realities of human existence alone.

And that is why I am here.

10 Core Principles
of my work….


You are powerful beyond measure.

You are powerful beyond measure. Women are a critical force in the development of solutions to our world’s most pressing problems. This means the more equipped you are with the psychological tools you need to feel at home in yourself, the better off humanity and the planet will be. Do not underestimate what you are capable of.


You belong to a wider web.

While every individual has unique challenges, gifts and circumstances, there is a wider matrix to which we all belong. There is an invisible web of women from all over the globe who are simultaneously rising up and taking charge. When you feel scared or alone, you can remember that there is something much more vast and collective holding you.


Our liberation is interdependent.

Your healing and liberation fuels my healing and liberation. My freedom and wholeness feeds your freedom and wholeness. We cannot and should not do this work alone. The time of the lone wolf is over. When one of us wins, we all win.


Your growth, change and healing are non-linear.

There is an intelligence and a rhythm to your process that may not always make sense or go according to plan. As long as you can hold a growth mindset and an orientation toward learning, every stage and season of life will have its purpose and meaning.


Connection and empathy create the foundation for your growth.

I know that when you feel heard, seen, understood and cared for you will blossom and flourish more freely. It is through attuned, responsive and positive relationships where women come to know the full extent of our potential.


We learn through information, experience and relationships.

When you have access to powerful and accurate information it will support you with your most pressing problems and challenges. Information alone, however, is not enough. You must start to build a direct relationship with that information and have experiences (with yourself, others and the world) that either prove or disprove the value of that information to you personally.


What you want matters and is worthy of your attention.

The desires, dreams and goals you hold in your heart contain precious information that is important not only for you, but also for the world. The longings that stir in your soul deserve care, witness and encouragement.


How you spend your time is one of the most powerful predictors of how you will experience life.

Re-evaluating, reshaping and taking ownership of how you spend your time will radically shift what becomes possible. Empowerment, contribution and fulfillment will dramatically increase when you attend to your relationship to and behavior with time.


Risk-taking is required.

In order to change, to evolve and to give birth to your Self or a new project in the world, there will be periods of discomfort and uncertainty. Leaving your comfort zone is a necessity and there are ways to do it that feel sustainable and even exciting.


Presence is both the path and the outcome.

One of the most powerful healing instruments is presence. When you become more present with yourself, you create more autonomy. When you become more present with the world around you, you increase your options. By training your mind to become more present, growth and change naturally occur. Your life will start to transform for the better. When your life is more congruent, aligned and alive, presence is an organic outcome. Thus, presence is both the means and the end.