What it is:

Therapy is a process of deep inquiry and investigation into your unique psyche, body and soul.

It is a process that will help you to understand more fully who you are, what drives you and what stands in the way of your wholeness, healing and happiness.

Pursuing psychotherapy allows you to do the work necessary to free yourself from unwanted habits, patterns and behaviors.

Therapy is a precious opportunity to have one-on-one care and attention so that you can gain insight and perspective, which is otherwise hard to achieve on your own.

How I work:

As a thoughtful and experienced therapist, my job is to walk alongside you as you explore your most personal questions, experiences
and relationships.

You will talk, I will listen, reflect and utilize many different healing systems and techniques to support you in your growth and transformation.

In our work together, I will prioritize not only your words, but also your body as a source of wisdom and expression. Through the methodologies of depth and body-centered psychotherapy, I will guide and support you into greater self-awareness and self-compassion.

We will dig deep—with mindfulness, care and skillful pacing– so that you can unearth deeper truths about who you are and return to a sense of wholeness.


Emma is truly a gift in the healing and counseling community.

The insight and wisdom she carries is profound. In what seems effortless, Emma understands, creates space for, and honors the journey and stages throughout one’s lifetime. It has been an honor to connect with Emma and a privilege for anyone seeking her guidance to have her on their side.

Laura Burkette
Holistic Health and Nutrition Coach
Grand Rapids, Michigan

Emma is the person you want working with you.

She is exactly what everyone should strive to become. Consider your work with her an investment, opportunity, blessing and time well spent.

Sheila Dorsey
Business Administrator & Mother
Palmetto Bay, Florida

I give my highest praise for Emma.

I have found working with her to be such a joy as she has such grace, integrity and a rare authentic presence. She is truly gifted with insight and clarity and is full of passion and dedication to those she works with. It’s a pleasure to be in her presence and a gift to receive her insights and knowledge.

Sarah Adlerstein
Naturopathic Doctor, Acupuncturist & Mother
Boulder, Colorado

I went through an extremely dark period in my life where I felt I was never going to be free of my anxious mind or experience happiness.

I felt the feeling of happiness was stripped away from me and it was extremely hard for me to be around my friends and family, for I felt disconnected from their smiles and laughter.

After speaking with Emma, we were able to discuss deep and intimate topics that I, personally, could never talk about with anyone else before. Talking about my feelings not only made me confront and face my fears, but take steps in the right direction in order to feel more fulfilled and content with my current life situation.

Talks with Emma led me to not only believe, but also feel the power within me to help myself in times of need, as well as trust my own intuition as to what is right for me. I am extremely thankful to have had Emma by my side through my (at the time) scary, confusing, and intimidating place in life.

Carly Weiner
Young Adult Professional
Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey

As a collective, we pay a high price for our unexamined and mistaken identities.

As a parent, this is one hereditary trait I do NOT want to pass on. Feeling dispirited and ineffective as a mother, wife, daughter, sister, aunt, and friend, I sought-out answers for more connection, balance, and clarity. What I’ve received is so much more. Emma gracefully and gently guided me back inward, provided a deeper inquiry of my “roles”, all while re-introducing me to myself. Her gift for merging mind, body, and spirit is transformative with the power to awaken (one’s essential being.) Emma’s support, empathy, and honest reflection is invaluable. Her powerful and radiant presence shines through individuals, positively impacting the communities and families she so graciously serves.

Blessing Ball
Teacher & Mother
DeLand, Florida

Who It’s For:

Psychotherapy is for individuals, couples or families who are seeking support and witness.

At this point in my career I only work with people who are intrinsically motivated to grow, develop and change.

You are a good candidate for therapy with me if all or most of these words describe you:

  • Committed to personal growth and development
  • Receptive to feedback
  • Ready to make changes (or motivated to figure out why you’re not ready to make changes, yet)
  • Dedicated to taking responsibility for your own life
  • Willing to experiment
  • Honest with yourself and others to the best of your ability

An Important


I am a loving and compassionate therapist, and I also utilize directive and straightforward approaches to help people experience more of what they want faster.

I am not your “smile and nod” type therapist and I am not here only to make you feel “good,” instead I am committed to helping you heal your pain, see your blind spots and flourish beyond your wildest dreams.

Only submit an inquiry if you want a no BS, honest, engaged and fully IN therapist on your side.


If this sounds like you, and you’re excited to explore if we’re a good fit,
fill out the form below and I’ll get in touch shortly.

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What is the difference between
Coaching and Psychotherapy?



Where we meet
PsychotherapyOnline via Zoom (at some point there may be an option for in person again).
CoachingOnline via Zoom (at some point there may be an option for in person again).
PsychotherapyYou are free to terminate the
relationship at any time. I ask that you let me know when/if you’d like to terminate so we can do proper closure.
CoachingYou will sign a 3-month contract and then we can always continue working together beyond that if you would like. I ask that you let me know when/if you’d like to terminate so we can do proper closure.
Where you live
PsychotherapyYou must live in the state of
Colorado to be a therapy client.
CoachingYou can live anywhere in the world as long as you have a stable internet connection to work with me.
PsychotherapyFrequency is determined based on the client’s need and my availability (most people choose 1x/week, 2x/month or 1x/month).
CoachingEvery 2 weeks for 3 months and then as determined by the client’s need and my availability.
Length of Session
Psychotherapy60 Minutes
Coaching60 Minutes
Psychotherapy-Somatic Experiencing (™)
Trauma Healing Modality
-Depth psychotherapy
-Body-centered psychotherapy
-Attachment informed therapy
-Client centered
Coaching-Life design and optimization techniques (habits, goals, dreams)
-Deep listening/inquiry
-Behavior change/tracking with accountability
Starting Point
PsychotherapyThe current issues/problems and stressors as well as an in depth interview and assessment of
the past.
CoachingThe present moment and looking forward to where you’d like to go.
Common concerns addressed*
-Existential fears/worries
-Soul development curriculum
-Major life decisions
-Traumatic or difficult experiences from the past

*(please note that most issues excluding suicidality and major mental health issues can be addressed)
-Soul development curriculum
-Life design/optimization

*(please note that most issues excluding suicidality and major mental health issues can be addressed)
PsychotherapyYou will fill out an online personal history questionnaire, demographic, HIPPA and release of information forms.
CoachingYou will fill out an online
questionnaire about your dreams and goals.
PsychotherapyYou will store a credit card on file and be charged after each session.
CoachingYou will store a credit card on file and be charged after each session.