I believe that what we do in the privacy of our own minds as women,
is the single greatest determinant of our lives.

My life’s work (and this online home) is dedicated to sharing the ideas, services and conversations that give women the resources they need to fully show up, no matter what life brings.

There is a profound and precise intelligence to your unique role in the wider matrix and in order to create a better world, we need the specific experiences, insights and gifts that only you carry.

Whoever you are and wherever you find yourself on the journey of Life right now, I want you to remember that YOU matter. Your life matters–not only to you, but also to me and to every other woman and girl on the planet.

Here are the ways I support women…

Women Today Podcast.

On this show we get to hear real and raw stories about the female experience. We unpack and investigate the multi-dimensional psychology of modern women.

We dig deep into the minds and hearts of women to understand what it really takes to heal, to grow and to experience ever increasing levels of psychological freedom so that we can create lives of authenticity, fulfillment and contribution.



Your support, faith, love, and knowledge exceed the price tag.

The world is a better place as a result of you and your work. You held the flashlight as I stumbled in the darkness, afraid. You held up the mirror to me so I could see myself more clearly.

Shannon Hoppenstedt
Nurse, Therapist, Yoga Teacher
Los Angeles, California

Emma brings a genuine heartfelt caring to her work.

She has an effortless way of enveloping the people she serves with a special warmth and compassion. Her depth, insightfulness and wisdom are all delivered in a gentle yet firm style, and her commitment to healing and transformation shines beautifully and brightly. If you have the opportunity and inspiration to work with her, please consider yourself very fortunate. I recommend her work most highly.

Marc David
Author & Founder of the Eating Psychology Institute
Boulder, Colorado

One of Emma’s tremendous gifts to those around her is her spirit-filled presence which in and of itself is healing!

She displays a genuine and deep consideration for others’ needs and is a masterful listener. When I’m in conversation with Emma it feels like she’s shining a light on my heart and soul and I have the experience of being understood, uplifted, and deeply nourished.

Kerrie Martin
Yoga Teacher, Holistic Health & Nutrition Coach & Mother
Carbondale, Colorado

Emma has been an indispensable support for me throughout the last 1.5-2 years.

She has given me so much understanding, genuine care and love. She holds space for me so beautifully and never ever judges me. I’ve always felt really safe with her and have been able to work on some intense deep inner blocks, old trauma and limiting beliefs. The sessions with her have provided me with a lot of healing and insights, for which I am eternally grateful.

Conni Biesalski
Creative Entrepreneur, Blogger & YouTuber
Bali, Germany, Los Angeles & The World

Bright, meticulous, heart-centered, impeccable and grounded, Emma is a pioneer on this planet who knows how to live in a good, true and sustainable way.

She has the capacity to bridge the ordinary with the extraordinary, and to hold space for some of the deepest healing needed on this planet.

Naomi Ehrich
Wedding Officiant
Santa Cruz, California

Hi, I’m Emma

Psychotherapist, coach, teacher and mother committed to helping you heal, grow and develop so that you can reach your highest potential.

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