Awakening the Depth of Women’s Brilliance

Congratulations on taking a powerful step on your journey towards deep calm and true happiness. There are several different ways to work with me and I look forward to determining which path is best suited for you and your unique needs. Choose a link below to get started.


Most likely you are a woman devoted to her own growth, transformation and awakening.

You’ve tasted the freedom that comes from self-inquiry and you want more.

You want to feel loved, known, valued and fully expressed in your life. You want to create beauty, connection and impact in the world. Your desire to create the vision of your life is powerful and yet you’re also suffering deeply.

I get it. I’ve been there. Perhaps you’re stuck in a cubicle, anxious, over-working or under-earning, feeling depressed or struggling with health issues, feeling worthless or taking out your anger on the people you love most in the world…

Whatever your personal story and life circumstances may be, the underlying feelings and struggle can be similar for so many women.

Not to worry, you’re in the right place. Simply click on the photo above to discover how my services can support your path to true happiness.


Teen girls are powerful!

Their lives can be exciting and expansive and yet also complex and quite challenging. The sensitivity, intelligence and unique spark of each young woman requires a tremendous amount of support in order to thrive.

All too often, the confident, spunky and strong-willed girls we are familiar with throughout their childhood, enter into adolescence and become disconnected from themselves and are catapulted into a confusing maze of academic pressure, a technology driven world and an increasing social demand.

Some teen girls are able to adapt to the new pressures in stride, while others become increasingly burdened and start to demonstrate signs of distress.

If you or a teen girl you love is in need of support, you’ve come to the right place. Simply click on the photo above to learn about my amazing services for young women.