Awakening the Depth of Women’s Brilliance

Congratulations for taking a powerful step on your journey towards deep calm and true happiness. Therapy is a process of deep inquiry and investigation into your unique psyche, body and soul so that you can begin to understand more fully who you are and what stands in the way of your fulfillment, healing and happiness.

Pursuing psychotherapy will allow you to do the work necessary to free yourself .

Therapy is a precious opportunity to have one-on-one care and attention so that you can gain insight and perspective, which is otherwise hard to achieve on your own. You will talk, I will listen, reflect and utilize many different healing systems and techniques to support you in your growth and transformation.

In our work together, I will prioritize not only your words, but also your body as a source of wisdom and expression. Through the techniques of depth and body-centered psychotherapy, I will guide and support you into greater self-awareness, compassion and transformation.

As you increase your connection to yourself, you will have a greater capacity to be connected to others and to contribute to your family, your work and the larger world from a place of fullness, as opposed to lack.

My work goes straight to the core for women. It alleviates the suffering caused by cultural injustice, familial circumstances, life experiences and self-harming thought patterns and behaviors. In addition to depth and body-centered techniques, I am also trained in cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing and dialectical behavioral therapy, all of which can be extremely helpful in supporting concrete changes in your daily life.

We will dig deep—always with love, always with compassion AND with the utmost integrity. We will go at your pace and honor what you need and want.

I promise to care for you as you embark on the journey of learning to care for yourself on the deepest level.

To set up your free 30-minute psychotherapy consultation, contact me here to get started.