We have officially entered 2022, but just because the date on the calendar has changed, doesn’t mean that the circumstances of our lives will immediately shift or change for the better.

There can be so much hype around new-year goal setting and planning. While I personally love to reflect, vision and plan, I’ve also found that it’s critical to be patient, gentle and loving in the process. Otherwise, we run the risk of yet another opportunity to set ourselves up to lose confidence, self-trust and efficacy when it comes to our most important dreams and goals.

In this audio, I walk you through many of the core steps I use to reflect, dream and plan for the upcoming year.

You will learn:

  • Some simple, yet powerful questions to ask yourself as you review the past year and everything that has transpired.
  • How to consciously release, complete and close 2021 if you haven’t done so already.
  • How to give yourself creative permission to brainstorm, dream and envision life for the new year, even if you end up choosing NOT to pursue certain things.
  • Effective ways to simplify, reduce overwhelm and hone in on the few most important things you want to actively focus on in the new year.
  • How to set yourself up for success throughout the year to re-visit your goals and dreams so that they don’t end up collecting dust and leading to disappointment down the road.

Enjoy and may you have a gentle and easeful start to 2022!