How we start and end things fascinates me.  I have been navigating a major ending in my life recently and so I felt inspired to share some thoughts, practical steps and reflections on the concept of endings.

In this week’s episode I cover:

  • The various types of endings, large and small, that we all experience both daily and throughout the human life cycle.
  • How transitions can often kick up deeper psychological material, existential fears and loss, even if it is a somewhat positive change.
  • The benefits of creating more conscious/intentional endings.
  • The risks we are vulnerable to if we don’t create more conscious/intentional endings.
  • 6 practical ways to reflect on, be with and process an ending.
  • Simple ideas for creating a ritual to mark an ending or a completion.
  • The interconnectivity of endings and beginnings, and the organic cycles of birth, growth, degeneration and death that happen over and over and over again in the human life cycle.

This episode is more of a workshop style piece–meaning that it is intended as a resource to support you in actually doing some of the deeper reflection necessary to create a conscious ending for yourself.

I highly recommend listening to this one when you can sit down with a pen and paper and when you aren’t rushed!