How to Support Afghan Women Now with Fereshta Ramsey


This week’s guest, Fereshta Ramsey, is an inspiration and a force who is courageously sharing her voice and perspectives on the current situation in Afghanistan.

If you, like me, have been heartbroken, enraged, concerned and/or confused regarding the events of the past two months (and prior) in Afghanistan–this interview is for you.

This conversation covers:

-Fereshta’s personal journey of fleeing Afghanistan as a young child and how she and her parents received political asylum in the U.S.
-Sustainable activism, what it is, how it’s practiced and why it is so critical right now.
-A brief history lesson about both Soviet and U.S. involvement in Afghanistan and why that matters in relationship to what’s going on today.
-Which types of women are most at risk under Taliban rule and why.
-A trauma-informed, empathy and boundaries based perspective on the Taliban, who they are, how they have come to be and what will be required to create a more peaceful existence for all Afghan people in the future.
-A holistic perspective on gender issues including toxic masculinity, female oppression and empowerment.
Concrete action steps that we can take to support Afghan women and girls right now.
-Why we MUST remember that every life matters and act accordingly.
-If you’re ready to take action now, you can support women in Afghanistan by donating here:

To learn more about Fereshta and her work please check her out below: