In this episode, I talk to women’s leadership coach Krista Van Derveer about her experience of losing her former partner 5 years ago to a sudden and unexpected death. We get to hear about how she navigated massive loss, trauma and confusion. We discuss meaning making and how to do that in a way that is most forwarding and kind to ourselves. We unpack what was most supportive for her in moving through her grief process and all of the gifts that she has received in the years since his passing. Krista shares with us about her powerful transpersonal experiences of being able to connect with her former partner even after his death and how a practice of deeper listening allowed her to do that. We touch on impermanence and how by being in contact with this truth we can learn how to love in a deeper, truer way. Krista shares about her current marriage and how she and her husband are committed to having their relationship nurture and support each of their highest expressions. She breaks down the difference between “I” focused conversations versus “we” focused conversations and how to take a bold stand both in our own lives and for the people we love.

Guest Info:

Krista Van Derveer is the visionary partner & private confidant behind many women leaders & influencers who know they are on the planet to lead big change. Women who are unwilling to allow the expression of their lives & their impact be hijacked by internal & external limitations. Women who are committed to their greatest growth & greatest expression in this lifetime.
She works with leaders who are ready to ride their next edge, to discover what’s next on their journey, to uncover their next inspiring (& often scary!) vision for what they are committed to realizing, and to hold them accountable to play even bigger.

Together with her team, Krista brings decades of high-level executive coaching, leadership training, mastery in relationship & communication, and cutting-edge transformational technologies that get to the root of hidden blocks & unprocessed trauma that keep us from seeing greater possibility and living into our greatest expression & potential.

Show Notes: