I’m writing to you today from a quiet perch as I look out into the thick forest of upstate New York. The rain is pounding down and I am grateful.

Last week my husband and I, along with our almost 2 year-old daughter, packed up our car and drove 32 hours across the country!

We hadn’t seen our families in 6 months due to the pandemic and finally being reunited and getting to watch my daughter splash in the lake with her grandparents has been worth every minute of the drive. 

Breaking up our normal routines, especially after 4 months of pandemic life, is doing wonders for my creativity and sense of well-being. 

I’m remembering how vital novelty is to my brain and how just the simple act of seeing something different when I wake up in the morning or driving a new route to the grocery store has me reflecting on and processing life from a fresh vantage point. 

This experience has me inspired to offer two simple prompts to you as you keep finding your way through the month of July. 

How can you give yourself an experience of novelty today?

Once you engage in something new however large or small:

How is this novelty informing your perspective about what truly matters to you?

Happy reflections to you and as always I am sending my heartfelt support and strength for wherever you’re at on your journey.

In service,

P.S. THANK YOU so much for your incredibly helpful and amazing suggestions about podcast topics. I’ve captured every one of your ideas and am eagerly creating episodes based on your input, thank you!

I was so struck by how many overlapping themes there were and it was a powerful reminder for me about how interconnected many of our challenges are as women even if our personal circumstances and lives have such a wide range of diversity.