I’m taking a moment this morning to peak my head up out of my books where I’ve been steeped in researching the process of female empowerment. I’m in an intensive month of working on a major writing project that is challenging me to the core. Although I am loving the creativity and insight that is pouring through, there are definitely moments when I want to throw in the towel.

This morning as I was writing and wrestling with how to fully express my voice and passion for this topic, I found myself getting worked up and a little overwhelmed. I noticed that things were getting tense and not heading in the best direction, so I quickly made the choice to step away from my desk…I turned on some music and started to dance.

As I was dancing, my whole body began to shake and I could feel the fierce passion of my purpose making its way from deep within me, out through my arms and legs, fingers and toes. The truth and vitality of my calling found its way back into the foreground of my experience. As my body moved and the music pulsed, I felt the surface struggles of the day start to melt and give way to the love, the passion, the determination and the conviction that compels me to be a presence and a force for women’s empowerment in this world.

I don’t always know what my purpose looks like or what form it should take and yet as I danced this morning, none of the details mattered, I was riding the current of my purpose back into myself and for a moment, I was free.