I’m watching the morning sun outside my window here in Colorado. The trees are barren and the grass is in its full stage of brown, dry and crackling decay. I’m aware of how challenging these winter months can sometimes feel, when the natural vitality and beauty of the earth has waned.

Every year, there is a part of me that resists this season of cold contraction. And yet, year after year I am also amazed at the incredible insights and gems that inevitably emerge out of this more dormant time.

As a gift to you during these winter months, today I have a video introducing you to something I call  Breaths of Beauty. This is a series of original photographs that I have taken over the last 2 years. They are very dear to my heart because they capture so much of my own healing and soul journey thus far.

Check out the video below where I explain how to use Breaths of Beauty as a tool for wellness and inspiration in your own life.

I so appreciate your emails and social media notes to let me know about how you’ve been impacted by what I’ve shared thus far. Keep it coming! I thrive on connection and relationship and I absolutely love being in communication with you:)

In service,