My leadership is not static, perfect or better than yours. My leadership is simply me, which means it changes, grows and evolves with each waking moment in the day. It is the culmination of every initiation, trial and triumph I have lived thus far.

My leadership is perfectly imperfect because it originates from the center of my soul. Although it can be trained, refined and improved upon, in essence, my leadership is only as powerful and as deep as I am willing to go with myself.

As women, we can become so accustomed to meeting other women and seeing their physical form, experiencing their personality or hearing about what they “do” in the world. Of course these are important parts of each one of us, but if we stop there, it is easy to start squirming into a series of reactions that might have the flavor of “I like her,” “I don’t like her,” “She’s better than me,” “I’m better than her,” or something to that effect.

When I look upon another woman’s eyes and make the choice to see beyond the immediacies, I begin to see and feel an entire universe that transports me into a state of awe. What I see is the shimmer of life itself radiating out of her and moving something deeply within me.

This is the power of conscious women’s work.

When I see you, I am reminded of the exquisite beauty, hardship and wonder of this life. When you see me, I remember that I am not alone and that my gifts are deeply needed and treasured by you.

And on and on the circle flows of seeing and being seen…

It is with open arms that I extend an invitation to you for our Women’s Embodied Leadership Training. If this authentic, messy, brilliant and life-changing exploration of leadership speaks to you, come join us.

We will not tell you to be different or to airbrush the scars that you are carrying. On the contrary, we promise to see you, to hear you and to call forth the wondrous, unique and precious gifts that are only yours to give.

If this resonates, step into the circle dear one.

We are waiting for you with a warm embrace and a soft gaze that truly sees you, wholly and deeply.

In Service,