As promised, I’ve got a different kind of podcast episode for you this week all about a massive home overhaul project I’ve been doing for the past many months. And if you’re wondering what does home organizing have to do with women’s psychology and patriarchy, well the answer is A LOT.

As you’ll hear me discuss in this episode, this mission I’ve been on with the house has come out of some serious (and sometimes HARD) realizations about chronic stress, resentment and relational dynamics that so many women I know struggle with in their households.

So if you’ve ever caught yourself enraged at the thought of washing another dish, crying as you move the laundry from the washer to the dryer, or just plain MAD because you feel like you’re doing more domestic work than the other adults in your household (or because there is no one else in the home to share the load), this one’s for YOU!

In this week’s episode I cover:

  • How the compounding effects of patriarchy + motherhood + domestic life inspired me to do a massive home overhaul/home organizing project.
  • How and why Keith and I are focused on creating a home and a family that attempts to combat the toxic effects of patriarchy.
  • How I’m integrating environmental responsibility, minimalism and mindfulness into my home reorg.
  • The invisible load that many women carry in domestic settings, how this impacts our health, joy and fulfillment and how to take back our power and leadership in what can feel like an oppressive situation.
  • How our physical environments impact and shape our psychological experience and how to uplift ourselves and our physical surroundings.
  • Why understanding and being clear about our values helps to clarify what we do and do not need in our physical environments.
  • The practical methods and systems I’m using to unburden myself, release unnecessary physical objects and free up more room for love, play and connection in my household.