Join Carrie VanWinkle, CFP and Socially Responsive Investment Advisor, as she blows us away and breathes fresh, new life into the women and money conversation. Carrie educates us about how we can empower our money, on all levels, to do good work in the world.

In this inspiring episode we cover:

  • Some of Carrie’s personal money story including going to college even though her parents had not, starting to do her taxes on her own at age 16 and surviving a frightening car accident that led to an unexpected financial windfall in the form of a legal settlement.
  • How to start viewing and treating money as a sacred tool and why it is so important that we do.
  • The necessity for imperfect action no matter what change we are seeking in our personal lives or in the world.
  • How our money is already making an impact by default, whether we like it or not and how to start taking more control over the impacts we’re creating.
  • What socially responsible investing is and how to start engaging with it if you’re ready.
  • Why women tend to abdicate financial responsibility to other people in their lives, the risks of this and the huge opportunity on the table if we choose not to abdicate, but instead to become more intentional and clear.
  • Practical and small starting steps for how to empower your money for good no matter what level of income you are currently at or where you are on your money journey.
  • The power, potential and opportunity that money has to create REAL and LASTING change in both our personal and collective lives.

I learned so many new things from this conversation and also got tons of amazing reminders that have already inspired me to take exciting new actions in my money life!

Carrie is a wealth of information and how she integrates both the personal and collective aspects of money is profound, so please enjoy this interview and I highly recommend taking notes if you can, because this episode packs a punch in the best sorts of ways!

Guest Info:

Carrie B. VanWinkle, CFP®, is the trusted Advisor for Smart Women who are consciously investing their money to create positive change in their lives and in the world. She is a Socially Responsive Investment Advisor with the nationally recognized impact investing firm, Natural Investments.

Carrie supports her clients as they navigate sudden money experiences such as divorce, loss of a parent, spouse, or other loved one so that they are clear and more confident to take action in their money life in ways that are aligned with their values.

Carrie hosts the Smart & Soulful Money® podcast where she explores the intersection of our relationship with money, feminism, activism, spirituality and sustainability.


Show Notes: