To wrap up this month’s conversation on trauma and triumph, I am thrilled to be introducing you to Dr. Mariel Buque. Dr. Mariel is a bright and beautiful soul whose work focuses on the healing of intergenerational and collective trauma.

In this week’s episode Dr. Mariel Buque and I cover:

  • Dr. Mariel’s personal story of growing up as a highly sensitive and empathic girl and some of the challenges she was exposed to in her community.
  • Her journey of ending up at an Ivy League school and obtaining her PhD. in psychology and how that shaped her current work which focuses on intergenerational trauma.
  • What intergenerational trauma is, the biological and social components of the issue and why it can be so hard to shift both in individuals and larger communities.
  • The intersection of anti-racism work and intergenerational trauma and how Dr. Mariel integrates the two in her corporate wellness consulting.
  • The modalities of sound healing and breath work as powerful methods for trauma healing.
  • The critical role of regenerative and restorative practices for anyone dealing with complex trauma.
  • How Dr. Mariel manages her own nervous system regulation and well-being while also holding a lot of professional roles.
  • What Dr. Mariel is proud of about herself and currently celebrating.

And SO much more!

Dr. Mariel’s presence is luminous and full of grace. She is so clearly a woman who walks her talk and I felt incredibly gifted by the hour I got to spend with her, as I’m sure you will feel by this conversation, I hope you enjoy!