In today’s solo episode, I share some thoughts on how we can make the most of this upcoming holiday season even though many of us are dealing with a lot of disappointment and limitation in the face of the pandemic. I offer some prompts for reflection to help guide in the process of acknowledging/working with loss, looking for the opportunities and assessing what may want to fill the spaces or gaps that have been left open. I offer some orientation and framing for the final 6 weeks of the year and how I am thinking about what is most important in these weeks prior to entering 2021. I discuss the importance of feeling into our personal values and then working backwards to bake in the experiences, people and things that will support us to feel as oriented and on track with our personal needs as we step into the new year. Finally, I offer some thoughts on “less as more,” some books to support the process of evaluating our lives more closely and identifying which handful of things tend to create the most important rewards or experiences for us.

Show Notes: