In this episode I have the privilege to interview Holly Bullard about her journey of coming out and embracing her authentic sexual orientation while married to a man and parenting two young children. Holly shares openly with us about the series of events that coincided and ultimately shattered her life as she knew. She describes the incredible metamorphosis she went through over the course of a decade-long journey that shifted the entire landscape of her life and disrupted her worldview for the better.

We get to hear about Holly’s early life and how her circumstances created a desire to keep the peace and shaped her identity as a people pleaser. We learn about the powerful inner work Holly did to accept and value the full truth of who she is, despite being surrounded by criticism and judgement. We dive deep into Holly’s Christian faith and the complex reckoning she was called to do with her spiritual life and everything that she has come to understand as a result.

This story is a powerful testament to the courage it takes as women to stand up for what we believe in, who we are and what is most true for us despite societal and cultural expectations.

Guest Info:

Holly R. Bullard, Ed.D. is a mom, educator, LGBTQ advocate, and people lover. She came out later in life trading her “perfect white picket fence life” for one of authenticity, which required leaving her conservative, Christian community in West Texas. She spent almost a decade coming to terms with her sexuality and reconciling that with the faith that was foundational to her identity. She co-parents her two children, Katy (17) and Riley (16), with her ex-husband, Ryan. She is currently an Assistant Professor of Education at Tarleton State University and lives in the Dallas area.