Something you should know about me is that at least once a day I have a moment of awe about women.

Right now I know…

…a woman ending a two decade long marriage
…a woman whose son has been battling cancer for 3 years
…a woman who is so sick the only safe place she can live is in her car
…a woman preparing to give birth to her fourth child
…a woman who just published her second book
…a woman who just said good-bye to her father for the last time
…a woman starting her own business for the first time
…a woman recovering from an abusive relationship

The awe I have is not only about the things we live through and create, but also about the courage, the tenacity and the power of how we show up over and over and over again. For ourselves, for each other and for the full spectrum of it all.

This ability to show up, to be adaptive and responsive, to allow ourselves to be impacted by what is real and also to mobilize our gifts and skills to impact what is occurring around us is HEALTH.

As women, we are weavers of health.

Taking care of our own health is what allows us to most effectively show up in all of these ways and more.

And that is why I am so honored to be introducing you all to Mindy Meiering today. Mindy is a therapist, life coach and mindfulness teacher based in Durango, Colorado and this week on the podcast she is exercising her courage and sharing vulnerably about her personal journey with health over the last decade.

In this week’s episode Mindy and I cover:

  • A holistic map of what health is, where it comes from and why it is a constantly moving target.
  • Mindy’s attempts to become a mother, her journey with fertility treatments and what ultimately had her release this dream.
  • Mindy’s personal path of getting diagnosed with cancer in her 40’s and undergoing treatment.
  • How Mindy partnered with her body and the cancer through her healing process.
  • How we make meaning, or don’t, in the face of loss and disappointment.
  • The importance of both grief and gratitude when it comes to our healing and integration of life’s biggest experiences.

And SO much more.

Mindy is such a gentle, wise and mindful woman who truly walks her talk. This conversation is like a cup of warm tea on a cozy couch and I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed having it.