Welcome to February Everyone!

I’m super psyched to be switching gears and turning our focus on the podcast toward women and purpose!

In this episode I’m kicking off this month’s theme with my thoughts on the subject, and as always, I’m talking high level concepts as well as practical/usable ways that you can start to feel more connected and in alignment with your purpose, because let’s face it, life feels a whole lot better when we feel purposeful!

By taking the time to listen to this episode you can expect to learn specific ways to start to identify and feel more connected to your purpose and to receive inspiration for ways to increase your sense of fulfillment in a day to day way.

In this episode I’ll cover:

  • Why purpose is essential for our health, happiness and well-being as women.
  • The most common issues that interrupt our ability to feel clear and connected to purpose.
  • What purpose is and what it is not.
  • Some of the most common confusions/myths when it comes to women and purpose.
  • The differences between purpose and paid work, where these two things can overlap and how to create maximum fulfillment even if they aren’t directly connected.
  • How to deepen our self understanding as a pathway for having more clarity about purpose in general.
  • How you can start to use jealousy, ancestry, desire and your personal history as allies on your journey.
  • Some of the most effective modalities and tools for self discovery that I have used personally over the years to help me feel a strong sense of purpose.
  • Why confusion or disconnection from purpose are a critical part of being human.
  • The essential role that other women can play in helping you to understand and know yourself more deeply.