Love is not something out there, a commodity that needs to be acquired, built up or saved.
It is an infinite source that exists in its own right.
It does not belong to your family of origin, your partner, children or passion projects.
Love simply is.

As women when we have experiences of resting into impenetrable love it is profoundly healing, especially for our inner little girls who invariably experienced a perceived lack of love at some point a long the way.

Returning to love is not a formula or a positive affirmation, it is an organic experience that can occur at any moment: while driving in morning traffic, watching a movie, taking care of a sick child or feeling compassion for a stranger.

It is an inexplicable heart cracking-open type of sensation, the floodgates of tears may open up and even if just for a split second, there is a realization and recognition of the preciousness of this human life and of our shared vulnerability as members of the human family.