How to Create a Social Media Detox that Works for You


In our digital world, and with all of the responsibilities of adult life, it can often feel like the pace just won’t slow down.

The older I get, the more I recognize the need to pro-actively resist the non-stop pace of a go-go world and instead claim and prioritize unplugged down time.

So that’s why today I’m sharing a podcast episode with you all about how to create a social media detox that works for you (if you want to try it!)

Women feeling overwhelmed, overworked and stretched too thin is a major issue and the constant stimulation and fractured attention of the digital age does not help one bit.

In this episode I cover:

-My personal experiences of conducting different social media experiments over the last decade–everything from addictive daily use to multiple year long breaks.
-The benefits that my clients and I have both experienced as a result of reducing or completely eliminating social media for a period of time.
-The drawbacks of reducing or removing all social media from one’s life and different ways to combat those drawbacks.
-A series of questions to ask yourself if you are curious about changing your personal relationship with social media and where to begin.
-4 simple steps for how to implement a temporary or more permanent change in your relationship with social media based on your personal goals, dreams and desires.
-My favorite documentary on the subject if you want to take this deeper!