In this refreshing and powerful interview I talk to Conni Biesalski who shares candidly about many rich experiences including:

  • Her experience of coming out as a Queer woman at age 26.
  • The path of finding her unique gender and personal expression in the world.
  • How she has worked with shame, self-judgment and self-abandonment and which modalities have helped her to heal and feel more free despite years of depression and anxiety
  • How she has figured out how to use social media in an authentic and meaningful way for her and why it is so important to do so
  • The challenges she faced around embracing her emotional life and how she now supports others to heal through breathwork and creativity
  • The power of shifting our stories, owning our shadows and making different decisions in the name of self-worth

Guest Info:

Conni is a creative entrepreneur, writer, author, YouTuber, and photographer on a mission to help others explore themselves, overcome inner blocks and share their creative gifts with the world. She is passionate about mindfulness, breathwork, plant medicine, psychology, philosophy and the creative process. Many years of depression, anxiety and chronic pain motivated her to experiment with endless healing modalities and learn from a variety of teachers all around the world. She runs the CREATE podcast and is the co-creator of The Breath Circle.

Show Notes:
Instagram: @conni.biesalski
Twitter: @connibie