Have you ever felt like things are super chaotic and overwhelming and you can hardly catch your breath before another curve ball gets thrown your way?

Well if so, this episode is for you!

This week I’m talking all about the major upheaval, change and transition that seems to be in the air for so many of us right now and 3 simple yet practical ways to help yourself find a little ground even if the chaos won’t stop.

In this week’s episode I cover:

  • How creation and destruction are two non-negotiable forces in life and how to understand their relationship to each other and everything in between.
  • How to take a bird’s eye view of the situation or circumstances you find yourself in and start looking for the deeper purpose or function of your experience.
  • How to understand where you are in the creative/destructive cycles and how to identify what you might need depending on where you find yourself.
  • The concept of life being a ride that we cannot stop, but that we do have the capacity to participate with and influence.
  • Some personal sharing from me about my current house move, what it’s kicking up for me in the process and how I’m working with my own mind.

This is a short and sweet episode that I hope you’ll find super helpful and enriching!