What if I told you that we’ve gotten the dominant conversation around purpose all (or mostly!) wrong?

What if I told you that we’ve been missing a huge piece that when you hear about it, a major light bulb is going to go off in your head?

Well, this week’s guest on the podcast, Krista Van Derveer, is here to do just this for us.

In this thought provoking and refreshing interview Krista disrupts the women + purpose conversation and enlightens us about the power of women taking a stand in their lives and in the world.

She walks us through a new way of thinking about purpose that illuminates both the unique challenge and the unique opportunity that is on the table.

In this interview we cover:

  • What it means to take a stand, how that is palpably different from “finding purpose” and why this language and orientation might be more empowering.
  • The critical importance of having ways to disrupt our “normal” way of living/behaving thinking so that we can access more transcendent states.
  • The role of erotic intelligence and how women can start to cultivate more connection with this aspect of themselves in service of their stands.
  • The life long journey of getting out from under the weight of patriarchy and indoctrinated beliefs that belong to other people, institutions and systems.
  • The necessity to peel back the layers, excavate our deeper selves and discover who we are in our most authentic expressions.
  • How to “court our becoming” every single day even when it feels hard or confusing.
  • How to get back on track when we falter or fall off track and why this will never stop happening.
  • How to identify and connect with a deeper why that goes beyond our more injured and young parts.
  • How Krista navigated working in male majority workplaces and how she found her voice and power despite many odds stacked against her.
  • The emergent nature of a woman’s stand, how we evolve and change over time and why this is a good thing.
  • The power of realizing what we stand against as a doorway for knowing what we stand for and how to investigate the clues in our life that are trying to get our attention.

This is an inspiring and enlightening conversation not to be missed, particularly if you are ready to take even greater levels of responsibility for yourself and your contribution in the world.

Guest Info:

Krista Van Derveer is a visionary partner and private confidante behind many women leaders & influencers who know they are on the planet to lead change.

Krista supports women to ride their edge of expansion into their next level of leadership and influence by finding congruence with who they are and what they are called to do at this stage of their career in a way that has them totally lit-up, on-fire and turned-on by what they are up to in the world.

She combines her years of expertise as a high-level executive coach and authentic leadership consultant with cutting-edge transformational technologies (including psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy) to support the realization of her client’s most potent expression.