As promised, today we are switching gears into a brand new topic over on the podcast: WOMEN & HEALTH!

I am super pumped to freshen things up and turn our attention toward these precious physical bodies that house our souls, psychologies and experiences throughout the human life cycle.

Per usual, in this introductory episode I’m going to be sharing a bit personally with you about my own health journey as a woman, why I think this topic is so critical for us to sink our teeth into and some of my favorite resources to take this conversation deeper if you’re called.

In this week’s episode I cover:

  • The early roots of my personal interest in women’s health which motivated me to make physical health and well-being a top priority in my life.
  • The 2 frightening health diagnoses I received in my mid-20’s and how they compelled me to investigate my health at a deeper level.
  • The 5 main areas of health that I encourage all women to assess.
  • 6 Supportive questions to ask yourself when you feel like your health could use a little extra attention but you don’t know where to start.
  • Why we’re never as far away from “healthy” as we might think and how to shrink the gap between where we are and where we’d like to be.
  • My favorite books and professionals who specialize in women’s health issues.

As always I’ve got both practical ideas and more meta ideas for you to chew on and I am confident you will find some very down-to-earth goodness in this one!