I’m super pumped because after such a powerful deep dive into the women and purpose conversation throughout February, today we get to transition into a new theme on the podcast and it’s all about: WOMEN + MONEY!

Before I go any further, let’s actually just take a pause right there because I’m eager to know what comes up for you simply seeing that word on the screen?


Do you feel…

Something else entirely…?

No matter what your response, there is no right or wrong, I simply invite you to notice what’s true for you and to remain curious about why you might be having that reaction.

And if you’re having some feelings, know that you are definitely NOT alone. This is a major topic and often conjures A LOT of feelings and that is exactly why I’m so eager to bring these rich and eye-opening conversations to you!

Per usual, this week I’ll be introducing you to the topic and sharing some of my personal thoughts/reflections on the matter and then starting next week I’ll be introducing you to some incredible guests who will be tackling many different angles of the conversation as well.

In this week’s episode I’m covering:

  • Why I get totally lit up and inspired whenever the conversation turns to the topic of women and money.
  • What I have uncovered about how a woman’s relationship to money impacts the other areas of her life.
  • Some key highlights from my own personal journey with money and why I have embraced my relationship to money as a powerful foundation for my overall empowerment as a woman.
  • The number one thing I find most compelling about the benefits of women earning, controlling and managing ever greater levels of wealth.
  • The 4 core building blocks of any type of sustainable empowerment, whether that is in our relationship with money, or any other area of our lives.
  • 5 thought provoking exercises to help elevate your consciousness when it comes to your personal relationship with money.
  • Some of my favorite books, teachers, podcasts and websites all about women and money.

In this episode I also share about a fun give-away I’m doing this month for any person who leaves a rating and a review of the podcast over on Apple Podcasts.

Instructions to win my favorite women + money books:

1) Leave a rating and a review of Women Today on Apple Podcasts.
2) Snap a picture or screen shot of your review.
3) Email emma@emmateitel.wpengine.com the photo proof of your podcast review with your name and mailing address.
4) Sit back and wait for a special package from me that will include a collection of my favorite women + money books!

Thanks so much in advance for taking the time to support the mission of this work! It means so much to me as well as to all the women out there who are looking for this type of information, inspiration and community and have yet to find it!