Episode Description:

Last week I sent out a podcast all about how to create conscious endings because it is something I have been thinking a lot about personally and I hoped it would be of value–what I didn’t realize was just how much this would resonate with so many of you!

From all of your emails and messages (thank you!) I can tell we struck a chord on this whole conscious endings theme, so this week I decided to dig a bit deeper into the subject and make a part 2 of how to create a conscious ending.

In this week’s episode I cover:

  • How to identify and acknowledge our default patterning around endings.
  • The most common forces that influence how we tend to do endings.
  • How to assess whether or not our style of endings is working for us (or not).
  • How to evolve or change the way that we do endings so that we can experience more wholeness, completion and freedom.
  • Reframing the concept of “finishing strong” and how to end things in a way that supports growth and healing as opposed to a way that recapitulates trauma and pain.
  • 7 reflection questions you can use to create more satisfying and conscious endings.

I love knowing how these conversations are impacting you so keep those emails coming and if you’re inspired, forward this episode to a friend who you know is dealing with an ending right now…

Let’s keep finding our resonance and remembering that we are not alone.